When you’re driving your car in city traffic, it’s estimated that you make 20-30 decisions per mile. From personal experience, I estimate that a motorcyclist makes easily three times that many decisions – maybe more.  

A motorcyclist is faced with more inputs than a car driver, and due to the smaller size of the motorcycle, has more options. Racing motorcycles requires even more decisions, due to the speed differential and the huge availability of race lines, braking points, corner entry, corner exits, throttle position, gear changes, and position relative to other racers. Racers are probably making hundreds, maybe thousands of decisions per mile.  

Marketers need to be agile to be successful, to respond to inputs very quickly and correctly. Much like riding a motorcycle, marketing requires a quick evaluation of inputs and options, the ability to plan quickly and execute on that plan in the best way possible in the time allowed.  

I spent today in a number of meetings regarding marketing strategy and tactics, and I probably made a hundred decisions. Using my motorcycle racing skills, I quickly evaluated the inputs, planned responses, and me and my team will execute those responses in a way that will lead us to success – whether it’s winning the race or merely surviving the street. That’s why marketers should hire motorcyclists.  

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