What we do. How it’s done.

Here’s a hint – bolder and more creatively than anyone else in the business.

Branding & Marketing

We use our broad, unique perspectives to create innovative solutions to drive the value of your brand and grow your business.

We love working businesses of all sizes, because it takes audacity to start something and boldness to grow it.

We help generate and execute ideas, from building the brand to digital advertising to social media and sales enablement.

What We Do


Your brand is more than a logo. It’s a promise you make to your customers and how you keep that promise. Branding begins with values, which inform everything else that you do. The words you use and how you speak them, the visual elements like logos and colors and layouts, the voice in which your brand speaks all come back to your brand values. We can help you discover and refine your brand values and create a brand that your audience will beg to be part of. Our team has branded or rebranded more than thirty successful companies. We can even create a style guide so your marketing team can represent consistently.

Want to learn more? Join us on August 14th for Brand It Like You Mean It, where we’ll review your brand, talk about what’s great about it, and what might give you a little more swagger.

Content Marketing

The foundation of great marketing is creative content. We create all kinds of content suitable for all channels, from sales enablement materials for print to videos for your social media, and everything in between, including:

  • Writing blog posts, collateral, web copy, ad copy, and press.
  • Videography, whether we’re shooting on your site or in studio. Editing, too, from stuff we’ve shot to recorded Zoom meetings.
  • Photography, from headshots to product photos to drone shots of your new building. We’re also wizards with Photoshop, whether we’ve taken the pics or not.
  • Design and layout of anything you can imagine, from logos and business cards to that presentation you have to give to your boss.

Digital Marketing

Anyone can run Facebook ads. Our strategic digital marketing and amazing creative will get you better results across digital marketing channels. We keep up with digital marketing trends across all platforms, so we know what works right now. Combine that with our amazing creative services to get digital marketing results. From campaign ideas through execution and metrics, we do it all.


Your website can’t suck. It must quickly get attention and keep it. The user experience has to be silky smooth. It also has a job to do. We build beautiful sites that convert. We’ve done so more than a hundred times for companies across the industry spectrum. Give us your goals, and we’ll hand you the keys to a great website with the analytics already there for you to see.

Social Media

Interns ain’t gonna cut it. They may know the platforms, but they don’t know marketing strategy or how to create great content that gets results in the channels where your audience lives. And there’s no helping you if they respond badly to a troll. You need pros like Audaxis. We’ll help you create great content, get it out there, and respond like champs to your audience. Oh, and report on the results, too.