It’s no secret the pandemic completely shifted the way we view video. Overnight, we watched online content become saturated with TikTok videos, Instagram reels, Youtube videos, and countless other interactive content. It’s not shocking at all that online video views have almost doubled since 2018. More and more people are searching for quick entertainment or easy answers, and both can be found in videos.  

If you are not already incorporating video into your marketing strategy, you might feel hesitant to start. It can easily seem overwhelming to decide how you can contribute to this inundated market or even where to begin.  

So how do you leverage your company’s strengths and stand out in this seemingly oversaturated market?   

Develop a Strategy  

You may not fully realize the impact that video can have on your marketing, but over 81% of companies using video marketing share that it has continuously improved their bottom line. This means businesses are overall positively impacted by video marketing no matter what is being measured. It’s important for you to understand this growth potential for your company and develop a detailed plan to keep marketing on track while incorporating video. The bar is set pretty high for content quality, so your videos will need to be well-planned, very well-executed, and intentionally shared. Review your overall marketing plans and look for ways to organically incorporate video. There might be blog posts that need a visual element or social media posts that need audio elements. Think about which aspects of your marketing can be more impactful by adding a voice and a visual to them and go from there. Develop a strategy specific to you and personalized to your brand so your audience is receptive to your videos.     

Prioritize Visuals    

Videos captivate viewers because they combine audio and visual elements on a more personal level. These personal experiences are why marketing videos strongly influence traffic, engagement, lead generation, and sales. The visual elements are more captivating than just reading letters on a page, but how do you capture their attention without consistent access to audio?  When you look around, everyone is scrolling on their phone, but not everyone is wearing headphones. This means it’s important to make sure your videos successfully share your message with or without sound. Whether it’s a detailed video description, in-video signage, or auto-generated captions, prioritizing visuals is important. This will help make sure that you capture people’s attention regardless of their environment. Your audience needs to understand your message enough to connect to it in the absence of sound. As consumers, we often like, save, and even share videos without listening to them, and you want your viewers to do the same! 

Personalize your Content 

In what might seem to be an oversaturated market, there are still numerous underutilized opportunities to leverage video. People are always looking for connections and to consume content that resonates with them. When you genuinely share with people, you connect in a way that makes them want to invest in your company and be loyal to your brand. Tap into ways you can genuinely share content and what makes your company unique. What is it you have to offer that others do not? Focus on that, and use it to personalize your content. Share what sets you apart from everyone else. If leveraged the right way, video gives your marketing plans an unparalleled advantage to grow your engagement in unimaginable ways. 

Interested in learning more about using video in your marketing and other marketing initiatives? Reach out to chat with someone from our team. 

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