Social media content creation is time consuming. Figuring out what to post, finding or creating an appropriate graphic, writing a catchy caption, including hashtags, posting at the correct time, interacting with your audience…and repeating this process over and over again.

Social media content creation may feel intimidating, but being active online consistently tells your audience you see them and shows you’re serious about growing your business. Ultimately, this will help expand your audience, increase brand awareness, and improve engagement with customers and potential clients. To do any of these things, it is important to create a strategy and plan out your content in advance. Take the time to draw out your social media content. It is best to always plan posts in advance, especially when you are working with multiple accounts. Think about the topics you want to cover and what would engage your audience even more.

What should you include in your content plan?

· How often you post: Consistency is important, so make sure you stick to a schedule that you can keep up with.

· Business goals: What are your goals? Does your content support these goals?

· Important dates: If you have important dates such as an event, new product, or campaign, be sure to add those into your content calendar.

When scheduling content, remember to not make it overly complicated. Your audience will be interested to know what your business is made of and what it stands for. Share your ideas, share how your business is valuable, introduce your employees, write blogs, take videos…all of these things will keep your audience engaged.

By planning your social media content creation in advance, you will be able to give other parts of your business more attention. This extra time can allow you to form connections on social media or at networking events, follow up with clients, or focusing on your team. Thinking about how those extra hours are beneficial to your business will be motivating to keep on planning your content creation schedule.

Social media is incredibly important and valuable. When you take the time to plan in advance, you will be able to use social media as an advantage for a successful business.

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