2024 Content Marketing Trends

It’s a new year, and, if you’re a business leader or a marketer, you’re likely wondering how you should adjust your content marketing strategy for the year ahead. Well, luckily, I’ve done that research for you. After reading some of the top sources for content marketing information, I’ve homed in on four of the top trends. Read on for highlights of content marketing recommendations for 2024.

Short Form Video

Like last year, sources agree that short form video will continue its increasing importance as a form of content marketing to invest in heavily. As far back as 2022, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram were increasingly prioritizing short form videos in their algorithms. Constantly competing with TikTok for audience, Facebook and Instagram now both offer Reels and Stories, as well as Live video features. Plus, YouTube added YouTube Shorts alongside its longstanding longer form videos. But when creating your short form video content, remember, they’re not exclusively for entertainment. Viewers crave informational and educational videos, as well. Interestingly, whereas long-form video king YouTube added Shorts, the Digital Media Institute (DMI) reports that in 2024, TikTok will enable its users to post videos up to 15 minutes long to its platform. This could facilitate more in-depth educational and informational videos circulating there. The DMI emphasizes that in 2024, viewer retention will take priority over simple impressions. They suggest driving engagement by being playful and creative, and creating content worth talking about and sharing. However, while entertaining videos may go viral and draw viewers to your business’s profile, it’s the educational and informational content that will create the ever-important trust and authority your brand needs to offer its customers.

Influencers and Creators

Influencer marketing will continue its ubiquity in 2024. HubSpot’s in-house research found that 84% of the 1,400+ global marketers they surveyed plan to increase their investment in influencer marketing this year. 64% of marketers using influencers and creators in 2023 chose micro-influencers, who tend to have a higher level of engagement than influencers with larger followings. The Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) further notes that creator profiles tend to have higher engagement than brand profiles and are often more trusted than the brands themselves.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

In addition to influencers and creators, Adobe suggests brands’ use of UGC will continue to rise in 2024. Adobe’s Communications Team notes that, in 2023, “brands using UGC in their marketing campaigns saw an estimated 25% increase in engagement, a gain expected to continue in 2024.” They note that part of what makes it work is that these users have already established themselves as brand loyalists, and, basically, have themselves already moved through the sales funnel past conversion and on to brand advocate. Obviously, brands should take the opportunity to share these customers’ journeys and brand passion with the rest of their audience! One of the simplest ways to utilize UGC is to find their existing social media posts about your brand (Often they’ll have already tagged your brand’s profile or mentioned your brand in a hashtag.) and share them to your brand’s own profile, while thanking them for the shout-out, of course. Adobe suggests considering getting creative with these reposts – you can resize, trim, or even turn into a short video duet or stitch (if you’re on TikTok, for example), or even turning content into a shareable GIF. Content requests are another great idea for user-generated content. Familiar with influencers starting videos with “People are always asking me…”? Find out what your audience’s actual questions are! This is particularly helpful when planning educational and informational content. And, of course, content they’ve requested is more likely to garner that sought-after audience retention. Finally, one of the simplest ways to utilize UGC is to turn positive reviews into content. This could be in the form of quotations in blogs, text on a website, quotations in a podcast or video, or integrated into a graphic. As with creators, users are much more likely to trust a customer testimonial than to take a brand’s word for it, so use it all you can.

Artificial Intelligence

Marketers increasingly experimented with and integrated Artificial Intelligence into their content marketing practices in 2023. As AI-focused consultancy Elemental Intelligence’s founder Brian Corish put it, as quoted by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI): “AI is not going to take your job. But someone who knows AI will. So the idea is to co-create.” Further, Brian Fitzpatrick, CEO of DMI, suggests, since at most companies, no department yet “owns” how AI will be utilized or integrated, marketers should take the opportunity to take that ownership and set the strategy for how AI will be utilized. Chief among these concerns, of course, are the ethical handling of its integration, and how transparent your company will be about its use. 2024 is the year to take the helm and steer that course.

Interested in diving deeper into the content marketing trends expected in 2024? Check out the following sources for more information!

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